Mountaineering Society Obzova

Mountaineering Society Obzova was founded in 2008 as the first sports- recreational society of that kind on the island of Krk.
The goal of the society is to gather those who like mountaineering, those who like to live healthily, socialise and spend time in the nature. Also, the society would like to popularize this extremely nice way of spending free time. The members of society Obzova pay particular attention to the protection of nature, they participate in many activities involving cleaning of the environment, each year on the territory of a different island community.

Among others, the members have initiated the marking of numerous island paths and mountain roads which have an excellent geographical position, near Gorski kotar and mountain Velebit. The island of Krk is an excellent mountain area ready to be enjoyed in its pristine beauty.

The mountaineers from Krk take organized excursions, mostly twice a month. The destinations are agreed among the members, one excursion is usually to a Krk destination and the other outside the island, sometimes even abroad. Besides visiting all the attractive points on the island, the society members have also been to many destinations in Gorski kotar, Velebit mountain but also in the Julian and Kamnik Alps in Slovenia and on Triglav.

The youngest member of the society is only three years old while some of the members are already in their late seventies. This is a proof that mountaineering can be a hobby for everyone.

Planinarsko društvo OBZOVA otok Krk
Cvjetni trg 8, 51 512 Njivice
GSM: 00385 91 525 22 12