Major events



Every summer, in mid July, location Mirine- Fulfinum relives the spirit of ancient Roman times with traditional ancient dinner. This event is one of the most recognized events in the Municipality Omišalj, more and more oriented towards tourists, attracting their attention and directing it towards the rich history of Municipality Omišalj, a history so rich that many famous tourist destinations in Croatia and even the Mediterranean could be envious of.
With this event we would like to revive the traditional customs of our region and implement them in the tourist offer.
The evening of ancient cuisine is an interesting gastronomic but also cultural event taking the visitors to ancient times when the Romans used to walk around Fulfinium and enjoy the rich ancient offer of food. Lit by torches, accompanied by ancient music, street artists, gladiators, Roman soldiers, the Emperor and his entourage, the visitors dressed in Roman togas enjoy the ancient atmosphere. Special charm is achieved by the Roman camp which shows the ancient times and presents smiths, pot makers, weavers, cord makers, basket weavers and beauty salons in which one can have their hair arranged in ancient manner or their skin coloured with henna.


SENSA – Cheese Days – Gastronomic offer of dishes and products made of homemade sheep cheese will be held in restaurants in the area of Malinska. The event is linked to the holiday of Assumption. The central event is held on the day of Assumption with a cheese festival on the pier in Malinska, accompanied by the traditional race “Teć za sir” (“To run for cheese”) and rich gastronomic offer of dishes made of homemade sheep cheese. For the entire duration of Cheese Days there is a cheese fair with presentation of traditional trades on Malinska pier.



With the onset of plague in Dobrinj area in mid 19th century, st. Rok began to be worshipped in Šilo.

Votive procession starts each 16th August from Polje towards the church in Šilo and it has become the basis of commemorating Šilo Day which is celebrated on the day this saint was worshipped in the middle of the epidemic by our ancestors.
Šilo Day, Rokova (St. Rocco’s Day) starts with morning reveille at 7 o’clock, by pulling of special fishing net “migavica” and preparation of the caught fish, which is served to all visitors with a glass of “žlahtina” wine. It continues with the above-mentioned procession in the afternoon hours and it is concluded with a party and fireworks.
There is an accompanying event, a century- long “Swimming Marathon Šilo- Crikvenica” held in the eve of Rokova, on the holiday of Assumption of Our Lady, organized by Tourist Board of Crikvenica and starting in Šilo. 


Three- day long event from 17- 20 August held in several locations in Baška. Participants- guitar virtuosos come from Croatia and abroad. There is also a little school of guitar held as part of the event. A lot of young attendees learn their first moves and those more advanced present their mastery at the final show.


Popi’ i pojedi (Eat and Drink)  comprises three basic programs held at three weekends during July and August: Žlahtina Festival- Razgon, Šurlice Days and Krk Wine Days. These events promote local values in manufacture and preparation of food and vine products with presentation of local customs, folk and music tradition. With its varied program and top quality wine and traditional specialty offer, this event is most welcome by domestic and foreign tourists positioning Vrbnik as an oenological and gastronomic center of Kvarner. 

ŽLAHTINA FESTIVAL, 3 to 5 July – Three- day žlahtina festival is the festival of the autochthonous wine sort which made Vrbnik famous. It consists of Days of Open Cellars and celebration of the traditional holiday Razgon. Winery Pavlomir in Novi Vinodolski opens its door on Friday, all Vrbnik cellars are open on Saturday. The cellars can also be visited by a small wine train.
Razgon is a shepherds’ customs from ancient times celebrated on the first Sunday after the holiday of St. Peter and St. Paul. It celebrates the termination of the period of sheep milking and their release to free grazing. A workshop of wool felting and a fair of autochthonous products are organized. One can taste and buy cheese, olive oil, honey, figs, ecological fruit syrups, jams, pasta, cured meet, natural cosmetics, products made of wool, tiles, wood and ceramics. In the evening there is cultural- entertaining program.

ŠURLICE DAYS, from 12 to 19 July  - The visitors can enjoy the famous handmade autochthonous pasta- šurlice. It has been made in the same way for centuries in this area. During the entire week the restaurants prepare šurlice with different sauces at promotional prices.
On the first and last day of the event tasting of šurlice and wine from Vrbnik wineries is organized in main Vrbnik squares, with special cultural- entertaining program, presentation of šurlice making and a fair of autochthonous products and souvenirs.

KRK WINE DAYS, 28- 29 August – the third event of the gastronomic and oenological event “Popi’ i pojedi” held traditionally in the last weekend in August since 2004.
This “wine holiday” is known for its rich offer of local wines, organized visits of wine makers from other regions. These days are excellent for lovers of good quality wines. There are also expert lectures for vine growers, exhibitions of wine- making and vine- growing equipment, tastings for visitors and a rich cultural- entertaining program.


Gastronomic event “Olive Days”
The event “Olive Days” as the first event in Croatia in which foreign and domestic tourists participate in olive harvest, has been continuously organized since 1996. At its beginnings it was a tourist event organized in order to extend the tourist season.
Today the project covers several events: art exhibition in gallery “Toš” on the topic of the landscape and olive groves; selling exhibition of tool and equipment for olive growing; selling exhibitions of autochthonous products (olive oil, goat and sheep cheese, honey, wine, fig brandy) from the island of Krk and neighbouring islands. The emphasis is on olive oil and products with label “Croatian Island Product”.
In cooperation with Advisory Center- Rijeka professional education is organized with presentations and oil tastings for olive growers, restaurateurs and cooks in order to teach them how to properly use and present the olive oil. 
There is also a culinary competition, i.e. gastronomic promenade through Punat restaurants- “ZLATNA MASLINA” (Golden Olive). Local wines and traditional dishes are matched, all in order to popularize the use of olive oil in everyday meals, in restaurants but also at home. In cooperation with restaurants, hotels and oil mill olive harvesting is organized with expert guidance through the process of production of virgin olive oil through cold pressing. The guidance is organized for participants of all ages, from children to elderly foreign tourists.
The event usually finishes with entertaining program in the open. For the past couple of years there is the “Culinary- Journalist Cup”, a competition in preparation of lamb stew (zvacet) or venison with olives, with homemade pasta (šurlice) or polenta with olives.