Croatia 365 Destination PPS Island of Krk

ISLAND OF KRK is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea. With its area of 405.78 km2 it is geographically the closest to Central Europe.

It is connected to the mainland by the 1,430 m long bridge called Krčki most, built in 1980. With its impressive construction it perfectly fits in the picturesque island landscape.

Therefore the island of Krk is close, accessible, interesting, full of beautiful and historic tales, of interesting past that makes it magical and mysterious but also most visited!
You can explore this Golden Island (as it used to be called in ancient times) in all seasons. It is particularly advisable to come in spring when the nature awakes and seduces you with the aromas of medicinal herbs or in autumn when you can still bathe in the sea, the smell of freshly picked grapes prevails and the olive groves are full of golden olives.

Island settlements hide a thousand- year- old cultural monuments, churches, museums, galleries.
Each historic period has left traces in the way of life and in the island culture and language.

Island towns are therefore little oases of rich heritage of natural, cultural, historic and spiritual values whose remains are visited by more and more tourists.

For nature lovers, the island of Krk offers various possibilities: walks along the romantic paths by the sea or along the wild rocky shepherds' paths offering splendid views of the nearby hills or islands in Kvarner Bay: Rab, Cres and Lošinj.

One can enjoy the tastes of renowned Krk cuisine, exquisite wine Vrbnička žlahtina and unique sparkling wine Valomet. Of course, there are also products based on virgin olive oil.

Take advantage of the island as a whole, its rich and varied possibilities of accommodation, its touristic, cultural, wellness, outdoor and gastronomic offer.

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