Krk cheese

KRK’S CHEESE is autochthonous Croatian island cheese which is manufactured on the island of Krk's family-run agricultural farms
Even though Krk cheese has been produced since time immemorial, it was only at the beginning of this millennium that the recipe was concluded and registered.
It is recognizable by its quality and specific taste. We talk about the speciality made from the natural fruits bestowed by the sea, the poor land, the rocky ground and the pastures covered with salt.
Krk cheese, made of sheep’s milk, is an excellent delicacy and can either be served at the beginning or at the end of a meal. 



Owner: Adriana Rimbaldo
Brgučena 31
51 513 Omišalj
mob: 099 85 33 026 

PUNAT OPG (Family Agricultural farm) MATANIĆ
Goat farm and goat cheese production
17. Travnja 3
51 521 Punat
phone: 00385 51 854-766
mob: 099 21 47 068

Milovčići 20
51 511 Malinska
phone: 00385 51 843-032 


OPG (Family Agricultural farm) MATE I KATE
Family Pavan Ivana
Supec 8
51 516 Vrbnik
mob: 091 52 20 665 Katica Kovačević
mob: 098 955 46 51 Matko Pavan
Krk’s cheese
Krk cheese in olive oil with Mediterranean herbs 


OPG (Family-run Agricultural farm)"MAGRIŽ"- domestic chees, oil, wine 
Owner: Mirjenko Mrakovčić
17. travnja 13, 51 517 Kornić
phone/fax: 00385 51 851-351
mob: 098 925 16 24