Road traffic

Thanks to its very beneficial geographical position and the proximity of most European countries, the island of Krk has excellent traffic connections. By car you can reach the island of Krk with just a few hours drive.
The Krk bridge has greatly alleviated the traffic connection. Construction work began in July 1976, and the bridge was opened for traffic on 19th July 1980. The bridge with its entrance is 1430 metres long. More specifically, the bridge is a concrete arch which stretches from the mainland to the small island of St. Marcus 390 metres long, and at the time of construction, it was the largest bridge of its kind in the world.

After opening, in first 20 years, 27,2 million vehicles have passed over it. A toll for the bridge toll is paid when coming from the mainland heading towards Krk. Customers crossing the bridge in the opposite direction do not pay the toll.

The toll price for the use of the road facility is made by paying the Krk bridge according to an open system of toll payment, from the mainland towards the island of Krk, including VAT is:


Category Kuna
I 35,00
II 46,00
III 81,00
IV 138,00

As well as by car, you can also reach the island of Krk by bus. The island is connected by regular Autotrans d.d. bus routes.

The Autotrans' schedule can be found at

The Croatian Automobile Club: